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Gambling debt quest bugged

Comment by Zelanie me as level 85 used a lance from the Argent Tournament qeust give him a few punches without killing him so i could finish the quest.

Gambling debt quest bugged free no deposit codes casinos

To do this stand 20 yards from the bull on the isle with the scalawag point on it - and throw the bull a fish. It worked for me even though he wouldn't attack me at all. Who is online Users browsing this forum: Go and speak to Taruk and receive your reward of EXP: Then again, a mage is physically weak, but it works. I spawned them on the floor.

Simple demonstration showing how to perform the above mentioned quest. Quest ID: Alternative. Dalaran-WoW Bug Tracker. Contribute to [Quest][Northrend] Gambling Debt # This isn't exactly a bug, more a suggestion, so I guess this is the right forum for it? Anyway, for the Howling Fjord quest Gambling Debt.

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